Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Always running is a self biography by a man named Luis Rodriguez. He starts the story with a more recent life event, which is of his son running away from home after a argument ensues between the two. In this part of the book is were the story gets its name because like his son running away he too also ran in his younger years. Away from the good to the bad and back out the other way. He finds himself right back were he started in east L.A. , right back in the gangs, and right back into trouble when he looks at his son's action. The book then goes into his past. All the way back to when he was a young boy living with his parents in a very poor neighborhood in the Watts area of L.A. It goes through stories that start his life's downfall into crime and trouble. Toward the middle of the book it gets into his life as a teenager and his life in the earlier gang life when violence was only fights. Then how it developed into murders and turf wars. As the book goes on it goes into the favor of him trying hard to get out of the trouble he is in. He joins all these school activities just so he can get over gangbanger. In this part of the book it also goes through the life that he lived catching up to him. Toward the end of this outstanding novel it goes into how he is still struggling but he wants to make a diffrence in his life so that his children wont live the same way he did. He talks about how he wishes he could do better for his son and for everyone in his family. IT talks about his current life as a writer and what he had to do to get to this point were he is and it also talks about the book and how he wishes that some kid that is like him reads it and turns away from the life of gangbanging. There is more to the ending then this but you will just have to read the book to understand what the meaning of this story really is and how even if you arnt a gangbanger it still can give you life lessons.